The bathroom is the place wherein the modern facilities, contemporary design and hi-tech are refined and enhanced so that the comfort of the bathroom and the beautiful clean interiors are spoiled. When the bathroom is well designed and tastefully done, it will draw the attention upon itself rather than focusing attention on the bathroom as the center of the home.The bathroom collection from An Italian Design features a series of luxury bathroom suites composed of a shower, basin station, bath tub, console table and footrom.

These bathroom suites have been traditionally themed with a variety of rooms like a full size for the guest bathroom, a small apartment for the master bedroom, a studio apartment for the daughter’s room and a walk-in closet. But all the designs are made of plastic, which makes the bathroom designs look very realistic and gives it a futuristic appearance.

Luxury Bathroom Collection From An Italian Design Photo 2

I’m sure every person will feel better after taking a shower or a bath and I’m sure they will feel better after just a few seconds of using this bathroom collection. The bathroom is designed to make your life easier and funnier. But it’s pointless to spend all that time and money just to take a bathroom made with laughably bad taste and style.

Luxury Bathroom Collection From An Italian Design Photo 3