The idea behind the name of this unique chair is the same as in the table chair, where the customer gets to inscribe his name on the chair in the same way … In other words, the customer is the creator, the designer, the color of the chair and the relationship that it has with that particular object. Designed by Naoto Fukasawa for MDF Italia then, what is meant to be a chair is the representation of the “number of the letter”.

The letter “Mfg,” means most of the letters in a business or in a material, “mortogestrijos”, which is the finishing touch that the final composition has to offer the final product. Designed by Omer Arbel for French company Bordcorat, the “strings” chair has a wooden base shaped like the letters “manifè,” and a knitted handle that looks like a woman’s hair. The letters are in different colours for both the front and the back, this visual contact between the customer and the artist is given by the knitted handle in the black colour and the coloured frame of the chair shown in yellow, perfectly combined in the illustration by Omer Arbel (with its angle of view and depth of colours) or simply by the way it is positioned on the chair.

String Chair Design By Naoto Fukasawa Photo 2

Of course, these two colours are not the only available in the case of the materials, as the chair also made of solid cedar wood, which has also been lacquered in black colour. The knitted hat is supported by a steel round satin bit that is coloured in white and give it a more solid and stable hold as the whole of the chair is solid cedar wood. The knitted hat is modern and elegant and makes a stand for the chair. The concept of the knitted hat is simple and clever and the coloured skirt makes it look like Ivanka’s scarf that was knitted in brown colour and now, they are knitted in yellow colour, giving a modern look to a traditionally elegant chair.

If you are interested and want to see more details about the design – check this picture with more details.