Surrealist art collector and photographer David Fletcher began his career as a furniture designer in the late 1980s. Furniture design became a real passion for him and it shows in his work. In 2004 he started collecting metal Bugatti and Superforts. In 2010 the furniture collection started to grow and to be called “the great bugatti,” referring to this company’s products and services. It has over 500 creations and has become a recognized design leader.

David Fletcher, a gifted collector, started collecting life pictures taken by the Italian photographer Francesca De Giorgio. He first started collecting images of buildings, then later started to include furniture and lighting fixtures like this extraordinary Moda DellaCu Bella chair in chrome leather. It’s exactly what he calls his profession, “art for the city”.

Live Edge Tables By David Fletcher Photo 2

After a long period of searching, the designer decided to return to his roots and to find inspiration in traditional Venetian furniture. This particular room has one of the few and most prominent paintings hanging on the wall. It’s a room decorated with careful balancing wooden planks, wooden panels and velvet and gold accessories. The room is a modern oasis that fits the elegant and imposing style of this collection.