Kitchen banquette seating has long been seen as a way to relieve stress and anxiety by providing a cozy place to catch up on important tasks.Today, this innovative design, dubbed the “panoto”, is offered to the public.The “panoto” has something unique to offer.It is a kind of furniture that is similar to the traditional banquette. However, it has something new, something new and something extraordinary.

The reason is that the change is so drastic, that everything around is designed in a contradictory way. The banquette is placed next to the dining table and this creates a strong visual conflict. The banquette is very wide and it occupies a whole wall. In fact, there is enough space between the banquette and dining table for each seat. This is not a picnic like place.

The unusual place is opened for everyone and it is a place where people can eat, chat, relax and enjoy each other’s company. The furniture was the creation of the designer Kim HyunJoo from Studio GUK.It is a practical, comfortable place where you can enjoy a meal or coffee in the most pleasant way.

Kitchen Banquette Bench By Kimberly Duncan Photo 3