If you’re looking for furniture pieces that have as little impact as possible on the surrounding decor, well, you’re going to love these items. The focus of the design was on creating a visual separation between the spaces, even though there are no doors between them. That’s why the furniture pieces have very clean and simple lines and no unnecessary details. You can see that in some of the designs as well. They’re a combination of contemporary minimalism and classic elegance. You can find them in white, in black, with a few traces of blue or red.

The collection includes a series of basic pieces such as the armchair, the sofa, the chair and side table, with a few more ornate details, such as the coffee table that features a Dutch carvage entry piece. You can see that all the pieces have been designed with the same contemporary look, hence the ornate details. Along with these functional pieces you can also find some very simple and comfortable armchairs and even some matching sofas.

Transparent Furniture Designed By J&M Arquitectos Photo 2

The armchairs are all available with a combination of leather and fabric upholstery and they feature very soft and comfortable cushions. You can find an impressive number of colors for the upholstery and colors for the leather headboard in the case of the leather bed. Overall, this is a very beautiful collection of furniture pieces that could easily make a great addition to both traditional and modern homes.

Transparent Furniture Designed By J&M Arquitectos Photo 3

Transparent Furniture Designed By J&M Arquitectos Photo 4