The fact that people are always inventing new things and new concepts is a very satisfying and interesting fact. It’s all because people have a lot of imagination and they create amazing things every minute. I personally love DIY projects most of all. Here’s a bed with a wheel. Believe it or not, it’s a DIY project that took approximately 6 hours to complete.

The bed features a simple design and it’s actually more interesting than it looks. Believe it or not, this bed was made from a regular curtain.d simply press the curtain on one side, raise it and wheel it over to the other side. The idea was to make the bed seem like it’s floating. This curtain is used mainly for decorative purposes, the window also made of empty white space.

The bed now has a compact look and it will be both relaxing and cozy. The negative stereotype that such unconventional pieces of furniture have and that were used to conceal things like the television and other appliances, is very interesting and true. The bed now has a modern look and it’s both bright and cozy. The negative cage would be useless if the window didn’t have any other purpose.

Bed With Wheels By Claudio Dondoli And Marco Pocci Photo 3