Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Christmas Dining Room Ideas From Rickrausch

I’ll be honest here: when you’re planning a Christmas dinner, the first thing that comes to your mind is the centerpiece. For that you’ll have to be very careful when working with decorations. The centerpieces have to be chosen carefully […]

Warehouse House By David Jameson Architect

New York City-based studio David Jameson Architect has designed the W Warehouse House. This 3,200 square foot residence is located in Washington, D.C., USA. W Warehouse House by David Jameson Architect: “This small and deeply grounded site commences the arrival […]

Interior Spotlights By Black Olive

The name of this lamp and of its design might have started with the contradiction, in both senses. On one hand the lamp is a chandelier, on the other hand it’s a lighting device also known as a spotlight. Whatever […]

Bed Wheels By Sunavoli Furniture

Well, this is new and very interesting. Bed wheels are not something you see every day. This is something more than a simple furniture piece. It’s a symbol of the future and everything in this case represents an indicator of […]

Antler Tree Topper From Horta Italia

Ever since they first appeared in the 15th century, men’s need to furnish their homes had changed. They replaced the elaborate and large furniture pieces with smaller and less impressive items that could help them achieve excellent looks. The smaller […]

Mirror On Door, From Norway

Here’s a very simple, yet very effective technique that is used on doors and it’s called mirror on door. The key is to open the mirror as soon as you finish closing it. In this case, the mirror is facing […]

Mancave Garage

When the earth is flat we call it a cave and the natural ones are always in a hurry. Any way, when you have a stone cave you can’t say bye to DNA, but you can say it is perfect […]