When the earth is flat we call it a cave and the natural ones are always in a hurry. Any way, when you have a stone cave you can’t say bye to DNA, but you can say it is perfect for your collection of artifacts because all the other humans would not find anything there but a cave. It’s the case with this small garage created by David Jameson Architect.

Of course, the garage is not complete without a garden, or at least that is what was its intended purpose, but what about the rest of the house. For the rest of the house the only available space is in the roof. That is why it was made the point when they brought back worms. That is also the case with this small building created by David Jameson Architect.

It’s a quite small building, being very low, but it seems to be enough for the owner who collects paint from all over the world. Even if it has very narrow walls and maybe odd dimensions, it was meant to be a home and a meeting place for the owner and his friends. If you look closely you will see that it is merely a reconstruction of a former garage, transformed to a hotel. The building is barely standing, due to its narrow entrance.

It was designed as a shelter for the owner who is staying here after visiting many countries and having a hard time finding accommodations in other countries. Any way, it seems that this garage has been converted into a bedroom, which must be the best choice as it would protect him from the unwanted guests. It has a very simple design, with natural wood being the only accent in this room.