Living under an old-fashioned, damp and dusty house is something that everybody is familiar with. However, this is only until you enter the historical world and you realize that this is no ordinary house. In fact, it could very well be a dungeon if you like. If you’re impressed by this one, find more inspiration in the following examples.

This ground floor is actually what originally called the house of the devil. It’s an 18th century ruin located in France and it belongs to a painter. There wasn’t much to be saved from the ruins. They’re obviously not in a hurry to make them a home. However, they made some remarkable additions after years of hard work. First, they integrated those ancient barns and houses into their new project and gave the house a complete internal structure.

The most interesting part of this project is that, besides the original barn, the house is also an example of the deconstructive art. They tore down all the historical aspects related to the building and the old barn and brought back elements that have been used in other projects and objects and that represent the beauty of the Gothic style.{found on site}.

Industrial Style Homes From The Nineteenth Century Photo 3