The turn of the year brings with it loads of shopping, an endless supply of goods and the joy of finding that perfect kitchen design that fits exactly your budget and your needs. ?We are excited to present you the latest trends and ideas for the kitchen. The year will see a whole new range of kitchen decor and food ideas from Stou Decor, and the shop offers you a wealth of tools and accessories that you can easily incorporate into your kitchen to give it that trendy Aussie feel.

The focus this year will be upon kitchen cabinetry in black-coated finish, which we love because it’s one of the most prominent features of the modern kitchen. From stainless steel countertops to farmhouse style wooden shelves, these kitchen cabinets are in a league to compete with any runner-worthy table and kitchen countertops.

You can see from the examples below that black-coated finish is a great option for kitchen cabinetry, no matter the theme or the style of your kitchen. Black and white photo frames, bakeware and serving platters look great in black and white, while glass coffee mugs and serving bowls look lovely in white. And we loved this space!

Black and white kitchen cabinets will always look great, no matter what your style, and no matter the size of your kitchen or the size of your space. These two cabinets alone would be too much in this urban urban kitchen, but with the other pieces they add, even the smallest kitchens can seem welcoming and welcoming.