For a modern style kitchen, this fireplace is ideal. The fireplace place is a special place for socialization. This kitchen is located in a house in Kinnilon, Ekuizane, Ibiza, Spain. The kitchen is designed for indoor dining gatherings. It can be set up both from the main entrance and also from the rear of the house, set back in the garden. Because it is placed in the middle of the garden, the flame of the fireplace penetrates deep into the garden, which helps to heat the room. On the chilliest days of the year, the fireplace is the visual center of the home.

It is a completely open fireplace, without columns, located on the top of the wall. On the one side, a metal grill and on the other, a wooden cooking island. The kitchen is completely integrated into the outdoor pantry, for that reason, it has a direct connection to it, through the large, floor to ceiling, windows on the side facing the garden. In the winter time, the pool area is adjacent to the kitchen, but nonetheless, there is a clear distinction between the two.

Fireplace In Kitchen For Indoor Dining Gatherings Photo 2