After presenting several DIY bookshelves, most of which were made from old books, it’s time to take matters into your own hands and to try to use your imagination and creativity to create something beautiful for your home. Here’s a simple project you can try: a bookshelf corner makeover. To make a similar one you’ll need a bookshelf, a bookshelf divider, a tile ruler, seam liners, a saw, screws, a sander, a paintbrush, a tile adhesive, wood stain, sandpaper and two small pieces of wood.

First you’ll need to measure the bookshelf. After that you will need to cut the pieces of wood. Sand the pieces and then stain them. After that you need to create a rectangle with four corners. Cut the rest of the pieces and then secure the back pieces to the pieces you just sewed together. After that you can start building the walls.

Then you need to make a rectangle some smaller than that of the bookshelf. Then use the rest of the wood to build the walls. After that, when you’re done with the bookshelf, sand it and give it a nice finish. After that you can start marking the places where you want to use the furniture and install it where it’s supposed to be. Use a chalkboard to write the locations of the shelves or cut them with a saw.{found on farmhousepointless}.