This is a typical luxury patio furniture range from Hyber-Home and it’s available at an incredible price. Starting at £999,000, this furniture has a lacquer finish, wooden frames and polished chrome-plated feet. Not to mention the fact that the best lacquer finish means the best visual impact. The patio furniture is available to order and there are only 75 produced worldwide.

The lacquered wooden frames are available in the choice of Danish and Belgian raw wood varieties, to be further customized. Overall there are three styles to choose from; modern, classical and vintage. You can also check the sectional and sofa designs, which are available in both Danish and Belgian editions. There are also some other details you can discover there, like the rugs or the chairs. However, if you want to order something similar you should wait up.

The outdoor furniture is something to look for and it means some creative thinking. Who wouldn’t want to have some great outdoor furniture at home where you can relax and feel fine? You can turn your patio into a real relaxing oasis. You should probably also take a look at the Japanese garden furniture design because I know I would want to someday complete this whole indoor furniture collection.