Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Stainless Kitchen Shelves By Cuirapi

If you’re currently looking for a nice place to start your home, the Stainless Steel Appliances Collection from Cuirapi is definitely the right choice. This is a complete kitchen remodel, which involved refacing of appliances that will make your home […]

Condo Kitchens Ideas From World Market

Usually when choosing a home, people buy simple items like a house without a lot of thought and care. They just want a nice and modern place where they can enjoy of their favorite things. In this case you have […]

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet By Emily Henderson

This lovely cabinet is from repurposed wood. Emily Henderson decided to cover up the surface of the wood that she used and create a nice display. She wanted a vintage cabinet that looked similar to the one she bought, but […]

Kitchen Cookbook Shelf Ideas

When you are a serious cook, bookshelves are your best friend. The ones who inspire you every day, cookbooks are the ones furnishing which make you feel relaxed and composed. There is a large variety of books about cookbooks, but […]

Tiny Shelves By Gabrielle Condon

This is a collection of small shelves, of different dimensions and designed by Gabrielle Condon. It was created as an accent piece for the bathroom. The collection was designed especially for small spaces, meant to be multifunctional spaces such as […]

Kitchen Shelving By Minacciolo

The kitchen is most likely one of the most common rooms in the house. In most homes, it becomes more of a social area than a working space. So it’s natural to try to make it as attractive and functional […]

Kitchen Shelf Ideas With Storage

When furnishing the kitchen, we want to find space for all the necessary things that we need. We also want them to look nice and we want them to be simple and functional. We’re not always very choise about the […]

Kitchen Barn Door By Benoît DHA

Inspired by the idea of a barn, the ‘Bavaria’ door was designed by Benoît DHA for alkmaleinante jewellery company Alkmaz. Inspired by a large barn, the door is made from European oak wood and central European oak veneer. It comes […]