This lovely cabinet is from repurposed wood. Emily Henderson decided to cover up the surface of the wood that she used and create a nice display. She wanted a vintage cabinet that looked similar to the one she bought, but this one is a little bigger. It’s an ideal size for holding all the clothes that a mother can sew up. She also wanted a versatile piece that could be used as a dining cabinet or party tray.

To make the shelf, she used a hot glue gun. The cabinet has a rectangular shape and simple, straight lines, but it was covered in heavy duck pin tassels that give it a special look and make it look like a vintage storage cabinet. The fact that the cabinet is covered in pin tassels reminds you of the teacups that she used to have in her kitchen. For a total budget of $100, you can go buy a set of 10.

Given the fact that the shelf is made from repurposed wood, I would say this is quite easy to do. You will need some heavy duty furniture glue which will secure the wood to the surface. According to the instructions, you should cover the surface of the dresser or cabinet with several layers of glue. Spray the newly glueed piece of furniture with the glue and wait until it dries. Cut, sand and stain the furniture.{found on instructables}

Reclaimed Wood Cabinet By Emily Henderson Photo 3