The kitchen is most likely one of the most common rooms in the house. In most homes, it becomes more of a social area than a working space. So it’s natural to try to make it as attractive and functional as possible. Even though it’s still a functional area of the house, it’s also somewhere that should get plenty of attention. The kitchen needs to be a working space so it needs to have plenty of storage space. At the same time, it also needs to feel inviting and cozy. The kitchen Shelving Unit from Minacciolo is perfect for both cases.

The kitchen shelving unit features an extremely simple and minimalist design. It features clean straight lines and absence of any unnecessary details or decorative elements. In addition, the design also includes a practical side compartment for storing scissors, spice jars, measuring cups and other supplies. This way you’ll be able to free more space in the kitchen for other things that need storage. The unit would make a nice addition to both modern and traditional kitchens.

Kitchen Shelving By Minacciolo Photo 2

The Slim shelving unit is perfect for small spaces. It features a collapsible construction and it can be easily folded for easy storage. In addition, the same fold also makes it easier to store the scissors, bean bag chairs and other items you usually use in the kitchen. The unit also includes an extra thick rack that’s good for hanging kitchen utensils or blunts. You can now buy the Slim shelving unit for $47.99. It’s one of the most functional and practical kitchen items and it will help you keep your kitchen clean and organized.