Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Modern Spiral Staircase Design In Spain

Spanish interior designer Fernando Alonso took some time off, so he brought back some of his most interesting designs. One of them is this staircase that is situated in a residential building from the northern parts of Madrid, Spain. But […]

Kitchens Outdoors By Paola Lenti

Designing the outdoor furniture for your home is very important. You might not be able to afford hiring an outdoor furniture store, but this is the one job your home owner is going to be happy about for a long […]

Kitchen Shelving By Minacciolo

The kitchen is most likely one of the most common rooms in the house. In most homes, it becomes more of a social area than a working space. So it’s natural to try to make it as attractive and functional […]

Corner Kitchen Sinks

Having a corner kitchen sink is quite common. In fact, it’s often perceived as an accent feature that makes a kitchen feel more spacious and airy. The sink can turn out to be a wonderful architectural detail or can even […]

Green Kitchen Faucet From Ritmonio

Ritmonio introduced a new kitchen faucet, Blueshift, to the market in 2009. The idea of this innovative kitchen faucet is that it is a one-off modular kitchen faucet, manufactured by Ritmonio, that is available in two designs, Bluehift and Prismat. […]

Kitchens Glass Door Designs By Antonio Lupi

Different rooms corresponding to different functions are a common thing nowadays. This is a widespread desire from the Japanese culture. We all wants to make our kitchen a space that fits our needs. The Italian designer Antonio Lupi came with […]

Fold Down Table By Tom Faulkner

I’ve always liked those fold-down tables that you can hide under a table until you’re needed. That’s probably the reason why I like this one. I also like the different colors available and the fact that you can place this […]