Decorating boys’ rooms can be tricky. On one hand it’s nice to have something clean and fresh but on the other hand it’s a little too juvenile for some people. But let’s make a distinction between the two and decide which one you’re going to choose. There are plenty of ways in which you can create a modern and interesting design.

The first option would be to choose an industrial style. It’s looking mostly like the ones we see in old, 70’s houses. It’s simple, clean and simple and it creates a strong but nice contrast with the colorful and fun wall decals.

Boy Teenage Rooms With An Industrial Feel Photo 2

Then, on the other hand, you can choose something cute and colorful and a little more cheerful like polka dots or heart shapes. The wall decals are a nice way of creating something original and personal.

Boy Teenage Rooms With An Industrial Feel Photo 3

If you’re not scared of the rough types of wall decals but you still like them here’s an idea of how you can make them yourself. You’ll need wooden dowels, acrylic paint in several different colors, paint brushes, a handsaw, scissors, wood glue and a mirror.

The idea is to create something original and unique using unconventional materials. For example, this is an unconventional kitchen featuring wall decals. If you decide to adopt this style for your home, you’ll need a few things like purple tulle, purple and blue paint, fake leather, a rag, a paint machine and a loop brush.{found on bhg}.

You can also create a very original piece of furniture using colorful wall stickers. Use them to create an industrial or vintage décor or use them to add some color and fun to the nursery room. You can either make the whole cabinet out of the stickers or just a part of it.

An unusual and untraditional way of displaying wall stickers is on utils. This gives the kitchen a very unique and personalized look. If you feel particularly creative you can also paint your wall stickers on the cabinets.