Created by Australian architects James Stockwell and Anthony Harris Architecture, this modern urban farmhouse is located in a suburb of Prahran, Victoria, Australia.

The residence boasts four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a gym, a sauna and a study.

Favourite House by James Stockwell & Anthony Harris Architecture:

Modern Brick Home In Australia Photo 3

“The project involved the retention of an existing terrace on a 38 level block of existing Victorian houses characterized by a mixture of low height clad mature cork standing seam Ironwood trellises and predominant views of Hokit Glenn and Staymoela.

Modern Brick Home In Australia Photo 4

The design brief for the project was to create a ‘three level ‘home cafe’ on the street edge with an existing Victorian house built converted into maintenance space along a northern suburban lane.

The project also had to be flexible and EEAD required that the new work included an exterior alterations to existing habitable spaces and exterior updates to exterior materials.

With emphasis being placed on maintaining the quality of existing materials and the appearance of comfortable modern living spaces, a bold ‘modern café’ has been designed.

The block having both coming and going through with a sectional and a very simple layout, the cafe features a cork clad wire frame structure, which defines the new accommodation.

A single large expanse of uninterrupted glass allows the exterior materials to ripen and change their expression depending on the time of day, whether it is indicative of the passage of time, or the seasons.

In this way the facade, although boasting a modern style, also boasts a presence of subtle charm and warmth, with its tree motif, colour blue shuttle, and bench seat cushion.

In contrast, the interior has a more ‘masculine’ expression, with warm wood floors, minimal textures, and soft chenille drapery.

The materials used in the exterior, interior and interior have been chosen to reinforce the quality of the existing building and impart with attention to detail.”

Photos by: Peter Bennetts