Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Steel Kitchen Shelves By Davide Lab

This is a complete renovation of an existing plastic kitchen. As its name suggests, the interior of the kitchen was taken out, while the top floor was retained in order to bring in more light and give it a brighter […]

Surfboards Wall Decor

You might think that wall decor is a bit old-fashioned and outdated, but this is actually a pretty wide spread, especially in interior design. Designers find new and updated ways to include this useful piece of furniture and many other […]

Diy Box Shelf By Ewa Garniec

Playful and striking, this box shelf is a new way of decorating your home or office space. Designed by Ewa Garniec, the colorful boxed shelf will hide its actual function, but will certainly adorn the room with its cheerful look. […]

Modular Wall Shelves

We all have wall spaces in our homes. They are empty and often used for storage. Wallace, the designer of the walls division of the room, thought of using it for storing different things.His ideas gave rise to the new […]

Modular Wall Shelves By Daniele Lago

Made by Daniele Lago from Italian furniture company Cristalli Vinallo, these short and stout shelves are the perfect place to display small decorative items, books, or other items that can be moved around the house with very little effort. The […]

Stainless Steel Pots And Pans By Artek

If you’re looking for a new and very simple and chic accessories for your kitchen then take a look at these stainless steel pots and pans. These are Artek’s Stainless Steel Pans, part of the Artek Tech Collection. The pans […]