Do you love the look of your walls? Do you feel like you can give them a makeover for a more fashionable home? Well, if yes then you should know that we have a special product for you: the “Brik” wallcovering and rug.This organic process preserves the colors and gives the walls a fresh look. The process involves the densification of a solution and the activation of oeramol which binds all oeramol into a bigger piece of sticky-backed carpet. After the fibers collect, they are coated with a second layer of solution.

This way the result will be bigger and more pleasant.You can choose your own style and the amount that you need.It is a very nice carpet and the result is shorter than expected. This is totally natural, it is multicolored and you can wash it easily thanks to the special formula it comes with and also the fact that it is made of natural fibers. Buy it now for $175.

Brik Wallcoverings And Rugs Photo 3