Architectural firm James & Mau has designed the Ojai Valley House in Kalu, Hawaii.

The 3,700 square foot home was designed as a place to unwind and enjoy the breathtaking views from its stunning ocean vista.

Oriental Landscape Design By James & Mau Photo 2

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Ojai Valley House by James & Mau:

“The place of ‘Ojai’ means one thing: beachfront in Maui City. A place where the only traffic is the line of cars and pedestrians, the location is special in the sense that it is far from the noise and pollution of the airport and it makes the most of its unique position, the views are everywhere and the environment is incomparably beautiful.

The house is a comfortable retreat for the owners. They enjoy the beach and the spectacular views, so the house was designed as a place to unwind and relax. Open spaces were created in the front and back of the house so that the owners can enjoy all the areas and see the views from any point of the house.

There’s a living and dining room that has a 18-foot ceiling. That allows for plenty of natural light to come inside the house. The driveway has a small gravel area, dirt stairs, and a wooden bridge leading to the garage. That allows it to be a quiet place to park.

Another important change was making the view of the sunset from the bedroom was taken care of. A large piece of artwork is placed on the wall opposite the bed. It is easy to go from one room to another, and the screen can be closed before the bedroom is “read” completely.

The upper floor is a flexible area with seating, a kitchenette, a bathroom and bedroom. A free floating wood stair and elevator allows easy access to all floors.

It is a house that looks as if you are floating. That is the desire of the client and which we met it with. That is why we have decided to put the bedroom on the boat, and not on the ground floor.

The house is a floating box on the side of a beach. It is a room above a garage and above the beach. This allows the owner to choose the desired location with the space of the house and a very low cost. The ocean view, is always good and interesting.

We have always liked floating houses, especially the floating sorts. This construction is wonderful with the ground floating below the ground. The roof garden is the perfect structure to raise you.

We have also brought a problem; the floor of the house is cut. Because we want to use the floor as a patio, we decided to make an intermediary in the case of the front yard where the floor literally goes lower. This raised the living room level, and the kitchen also, which moves with the floor of the ground. This transformation changes the appearance and the sense of the whole house, and increases the freedom of the daily life.

In addition to the floor cuts, we were also concerned about the space of the rooms. They are cut into three parts, two of them being terraces. In the third part, like a cave, we have the shutters. This allows different ways of controlling sunlight and keeping the house warm.

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