Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Closet Mirror By Marc Thasphemy

Closet mirror by Marc Thasphemy is a unique project that allows you to transform the space under your bedroom into a very practical and functional room, where you can store and display all your accessories. It adds space between each […]

Kitchen Barn Door By Benoît DHA

Inspired by the idea of a barn, the ‘Bavaria’ door was designed by Benoît DHA for alkmaleinante jewellery company Alkmaz. Inspired by a large barn, the door is made from European oak wood and central European oak veneer. It comes […]

Kitchens Glass Door Designs By Antonio Lupi

Different rooms corresponding to different functions are a common thing nowadays. This is a widespread desire from the Japanese culture. We all wants to make our kitchen a space that fits our needs. The Italian designer Antonio Lupi came with […]

Pantry Barn Doors By Innermost

This is a set of four small but very beautiful bronze barn doors from Innermost. The four doors are only used in a single location, at the site of the breakfast nook in the kitchen. However, they can be distributed […]

Room Divider Design Ideas

The main problem with any room is storage. It’s why we need to carefully and wonderfully organize everything we have in that room. One way of dealing with that is to use room dividers. You can see how they help […]