Closet mirror by Marc Thasphemy is a unique project that allows you to transform the space under your bedroom into a very practical and functional room, where you can store and display all your accessories. It adds space between each nightstand and drawer, in order to create an illusion that the bed has stayed in that particular spot ever since you hung the picture over the desk.

The model in the picture has some minor imperfections, but most of all has a wonderful full-closet look which makes it perfect for the living room. Besides all these, the mirror is also very important because it gives a great background view and it’s very useful when you have a bad vision of the bed from the morning before going to sleep. As you can see in the picture, the first position is better for sleeping. This is because you can stop worrying about the bed and start making the mornings like yourself and less stressful.

If you’re not very sure what position you can choose, try to measure the space and see if you have enough space after some minutes. You can also do this before starting your next morning walk and measure the space before you go to work.Available on sabaitalia.