In order to obtain a modern-looking interior, we often rely on things like the wall gardens, the decorative accents and the colors used. But if you want a simple way of bringing greenery into your home, one that’s both functional and decorative, you should consider using interesting DIY projects and creating your own wall garden. These wonderful creations can be used as wall decorations in all sorts of ways.

For example, you can turn a metal watering can into a beautiful wall decoration with a simple, geometric design. You’ll need a tin can, some paint, a drill, wood screws, a tape measure, a pencil and a ruler. The idea is to measure the space between the two sides of the planter and then mark the center in with a pencil. X marks the mark. Make sure it’s big enough so you can put the planter in it. {found on designsponge}.

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Instead of using a bookmark, you could instead use a piece of plywood which you can cut to the desired shape and size. Use a sanding knife to stain the edges. The stain will be visible once the wood is all dried. {found on designsponge}.

An interesting idea can be to use a bunch of wooden clothespins to make a custom shelving unit or to hang matching curtains. You’ll need a few wooden planters or other type of containers, some plywood, spray paint and glue and a hanger. The ornaments can be hanged either on the wall or inside the unit or they can be shelved on a cabinet. {found on designsponge}.

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You can also find a pretty great tutorial on how to make a perforated wall garden on thecavenderhome. In this case, a rectangular deck was used. The planters are hanging from it and the project is pretty simple. Cut dowels into the desired dimensions and lay them out to form the grid and then add the small pieces, spaced out evenly.

For your planters, first take apart the metal hangers. Remove the pieces and clean them. Then put them back together, preferably in the shape of the planter. If you want, you can also modify the hangers.{found on thehomesweethomewife}.

When you think about it, these planters are so much better than just simple shelves. The simplicity of the project allows the planters to be used in a lot of interesting and stylish ways such as for displaying herbs, vegetables or flowers.{found on site}.

To make a similar planter you’ll have to get a wooden board, four small planters, some wood stain, some screws and hangers, some paint and clamps and a drill. First stain and paint the board. Mount the planters on the wall and let them sit. Fill the water with the solution on the wall. Repeat as many as you want.{found on thehomesweethomewife}.