This is the living room of a house located in Vila Mariana, Brazil. It has a very simple and elegant interior décor but, at the same time, it also has something that makes it stand out. It’s the grey sofa. Grey is a neutral and a difficult color to match and it tends to result when you seek a more harmonious image. The neutral aspect was what originally drew the eye when the idea of this décor started to become clear.

After that, everything was put together. The gray sofa now sits in a more comfortable area with the rest of the décor being mostly white and black. In order to create some contrast, red was sued as an accent color. The combination of colors is quite surprising. The neutral and dark elements need to have their own visual impact and they usually look better when combined in a harmonious way.

The black and white elements have been chosen for all the rooms. Gray seems to be the only touch of color in the décor. It adds warmth to the décor while also creating a subtle but strong contrast. As for the rest of the colors, brown seems to be the new white. It looks fresh and calm and it makes the décor seem even cozier. Overall, even though the combinations are initially contrasting, the overall result is very well-balanced.{pics by Pedro Silva}.