A well-organized home is perfect for a comfortable and aesthetically attractive living room.Let’s take for example this extraordinarily spacious living room designed by John Maniscalco architects.It’s all centered around a massive room on two levels.The top level is a gallery-style space with a modern design bringing in the light and the view from above and the materials and finishes the bottom floor is also stylish.There a three-level ceiling. That’s because in an attic area there’s usually not much height, and not a lot space to work with.And in this circumstances the architects have found a way to integrate an ingenious way to save space without giving up the main source of inspiration, which is to integrate the finishing touches into the overall chateau-styled living room.

What I like in particular about this design is the fact that the architects managed to maximize the storage space without leaving the rooms bare. By using steel panels and structural insulated panels the main structure and the housing integrated well, leaving the bedroom to be the place where the day to day difference ends and the sun starts.While the sleeping area is found at the lower level, the living room is located above the gallery.

A glass floor cuts trough the living room , revealing the interior to the gallery and the newly created space underneath it.Acrylic furniture, lighting and accessories created a spectacular wide living room perfect for relaxing moments.Finally, finishing touch was added.Visiting a tanning bed early in the morning and receiving yourself to go from the house looks like enjoying a fresh high sun.{found on archdaily}

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