stage room in a house is a contemporary home that designer Jeremy Kenney created for a client.

Originally an open plan home, the contemporary home is now an eye catching space that reflects the flair of the home’s owners.

When asked to create a space to suit his client’s personal tastes and loves, Kenney used contrast in the composition.

Stage Room In A House By Jeremy Kenney Photo 3

stage room in a house by Jeremy Kenney:

“The concept was simple. The client likes short trips to the beach and high ceilings. He had a passion for art and had collaborated with other designers. Our job was to find a way to work with his passion for architecture.

The whole space has been manipulated and split up. The living space is jutting between two buildings with a massive glass sliding door. Curtains hide it but when opened, it reveals the room.

The dream of this space is to have a lounge space where one can pipe in another room. A satellite TV and deck, that overlaps the bench, is another unexpected plus.

To break up the space a lounge area was added under the floating staircase.

To accentuate the floating staircase, a massive surround was made from reinforced concrete creating a crime-proof buffer against water.

The bathroom was planned around an iconic, 45-degree twisted prism that accommodates the bath. We doubled the area to also include a plunge pool.

Our client has Balau glass shop in Istanbul and we set a flagstone walkway to the new shop.

The furniture and lighting were selected to be interfacing, energetic, global and softly contemporary. We set out to create a sleek, light filled space.”

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Kenney