The atmosphere in your home affects the way your house looks and feels. It can be really exciting to choose the interior design for your house and even the way you decorate your home, but when you choose the walls, storage units or the table base for example, the impact is even stronger. So if you would like to change the atmosphere in your home for a fresh one, perhaps the table or the chairs that you use for creative projects, maybe you should consider the work of Ander Li.

This interesting work is called the Glass Table and it has a very interesting design. As you can see, the base of the table is made of glass and it has a black tint. It reminds a little of the black box that contains the DNA of all the other organisms that inhabit the body of our healthy family members. The table is very useful and has a generous size and also has a horizontal position. As you can see, the bases of the table are cut at a diagonal and this makes the whole table look like a mosaic of small pieces of art. The four legs are beautifully adhered and look like spokes, as they are very short and this makes them elegant and stylish. The table is available in two models: black and white. If you want to purchase the item you will have to pay in cash.

Dark Gray Blue Glass Plates By Ander Li Photo 3