Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Unique Vessel Sinks By Rapsel

Could you imagine a more relaxing bath than those soaking down into a warm ocean after a day of work. The vessel sink is designed by Rapsel and it is made of 100% stainless steel. No other coating is added […]

Contemporary Chandeliers From Leaf House

The Leaf House was designed by Arnor Hayward and it’s a contemporary chandelier that’s been recently created by Leaf House and named like that. The chandelier is composed of 20 light bulbs that have been intertwined and have been created […]

Floor Vase Collection From Horne

Many people prefer to decorate their homes as a space of relaxation, peace and comfort, surrounded by the beauty of natural and artificial elements and environment. What could be more appropriate than a beautiful floor vase collection from Horne. The […]

Tile Floor Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a floor design idea that will help make your home unique, look chic and romantic, that’s where tile comes in. Tiles are as versatile as they are because they can be designed into every configuration you […]

Big Floor Tiles By Joris Laarman

In Dutch photographer Joema Rijckedahl, 36, designers at Joris Laarman created a tile collection to suit the needs of urbanites. Currently exhibiting at the Luke Gallery in London, the tiles feature an innovative design with a light-touch surface that allows […]