The use of neutral colors in the bathroom as color gives a monotonous aspect to the room. The shower area or the bathroom is regarded as an eye-catching area. So, the neutral colors like grey, black and white can make the bathroom an attractive one.

The idea can be to introduce the neutral colors with accessories like patterned tiles, chrome finishes or handsome lamps. Depending of the size of the bathroom, the accessories can be introduced in the bathroom according to the layout.

For creating a serene and calm atmosphere in the bathroom, the first thing which must be taken into consideration is the environment. The bathroom should be a relaxing area. So, the design of the bathtub and the shower is definitely taken into consideration.As the condition of the bathroom is the first place which gives a special atmosphere to the bathroom, the design of the fixtures is also important.

Apart from the design style which can be selected, the accent pieces are also the best way to influence the atmosphere. The wall should always be painted in pastel color, the sink should be made of stone or concrete and the mirror should be made of glass. The idea is to make the bathroom feel relaxing.

A nice towel rack would definitely look good and the storage should be placed in the areas where you need them most. Moreover, any other toilet or bathroom accessories would look absolutely adorable. Taking into account that a bathroom is considered a workable area with regard to functional corner storage units and furniture.

It is always advisable to make a bathroom fit for a family. For this reason, you should consist of both a bathroom and a bedroom. A small bathroom with a bathtub and shower is an ideal space for a family bathroom. However, this does not remove other functionality of the room like the toilet area for example.