We all tend to have a weakness when it comes to shabby chic interior décor. It’s mostly because we really like this style and we really enjoy decorating it with vintage and historical items, accessories and details. A shabby chic home is also inviting, comfortable and inviting, despite its appearance. It’s a style that allows us to embrace those feelings and to exaggerate with its simplicity. We often find ourselves drawn to this style but we usually manage to forget about it sometimes.

Planters are the most common accessories used in a shabby chic home. However, not all of us have matching chests or planters. In this case, an accent table would do just fine. The Yvette side table is a nice choice is this case. Its design matches the rest of the décor and would easily integrate in the room without standing out too much.

Shabby Chic Ideas With A Vintage Touch Photo 2

A shabby chic accent chair such as this one is a wonderful complementary piece and it would make a nice addition to any living room, regardless of the style chosen for the interior décor. The design is simple but also elegant and very comforting.

If you enjoy minimalist and chic pieces then you’ll probably love this arrangement. The two loungers are collapsed into a rectangular frame, each featuring a half-moon on top. The center is cozy and soft and the arrangement is perfect for when reading a book or relaxing with a drink.

The Jean chair has a classical design that’s constantly changing and adding up. However, instead of going all minimalist, it instead has a charming and comfy look. In addition, it pairs beautifully with the table and allows the two to create a chic combo for the whole room.

The combination of turquoise accent chair with the yellow fixture is one that’s both playful and elegant. The two colors may not be similar but combined they result in an eye-catching and pleasant look.

A great way to refresh the décor is with simple furniture pieces. The Steinway sofa, for example, could become your new living room sofa. It has a round seat and a low back and its design could match new tiled walls or build a cohesive interior design with built-in lighting.

Depending on the type of space the design of your coffee table will affect the atmosphere and the style you’ve chosen for it. In the case of a living room already decorated with classical pieces, a set of matching art decor chairs could be a natural choice.

You can also make a coffee table stand out by choosing an unusual material such as coral for example. It has a unique texture which adds charm to the design and becomes complemented by the button tufted upholstery. This is a shade used to highlight the beautiful foetus shape of the table.

A coffee table can be beautiful even without any artistic features and accent details. For example, this is a simple. Rectangular trays are complemented by square wooden stools and a natural stone mid-century table.

Set the table on a raised platform to obtain a more elegant ambiance. In addition, to compensate for the lack of bold or eye-catching characteristics in the room, a simple and neutral color palette was chosen and it’s how the theme of this room is created.

Planning a room that has an artistic interior décor is not easy but the projects given you so far can show you the way things can go. For example, this living room has a very interesting focal point. It’s a piece made from an old trunk repurposed as a coffee table.

As you might have guessed from the title, the inspiration for this artistic coffee table design comes from the beauty of oil paintings. It’s actually the raffia that completes the look and ties everything together.

Remember the huge orange coffee table that was mentioned a few paragraphs ago? It might not have been a very dramatic visual statement but it’s definitely an interesting accent detail for the living room.

The wall décor in this living room was inspired by the ocean, mostly because of the blue color which is nearly black in color. The blue is also complemented by a matching accent rug.

Dark colors can be really intense and depressing but a great visual impact can be given by a few small accent details in the form of a chandelier, a painting or a sculpture. This living room is perfect example.

It’s true that certain types of light fixtures don’t let much light in but a tiny chandelier can really bring the room to life. This one is a perfect example. It’s a large fixture with light green glass shades and with a simple and modern design.