Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Reindeer Decorating Ideas

I know, it’s Christmas. But it doesn’t mean I can’t add a little fun to the table with a few reindeer decorating ideas. The Scandinavian style table or hall will be hit or just ignored, along with a few more […]

Barnwood Ideas For Your Winter Home

Not a lot of people love the winter season because it starts early and it ends early, too. But everybody likes to enjoy the beautiful periods of the year when they can go camping and enjoy some snow and also […]

Stone Fireplace Design By Constance Guisset

This stone fireplace display by Constance Guisset is inspired by the open space around it, what with tall ceilings and walls and natural tones and textures all around. What is most unique about this fireplace, however, are its angled ceilings. […]

Shabby Chic Ideas With A Vintage Touch

We all tend to have a weakness when it comes to shabby chic interior décor. It’s mostly because we really like this style and we really enjoy decorating it with vintage and historical items, accessories and details. A shabby chic […]