It’s definitely cool to watch the autumn sunrise since we get to see more trees get fallen and all the beautiful colors that surround us. It’s also cool to watch the sleighs run after you from a cozy, warm and sunny porch and to see all the beautiful decorations spread all around you. And of course, we have to get out of the house a little, maybe go on a sled and we can go inside, on the porch or in the garden and enjoy a beautiful weekend without arguing or demanding too much things out.

So that’s what we did and we’re glad that we did. We did lots of different things. We even did a segmented table made of trellis that we hung up and placed inside for our guests to see. It looks great against the backdrop of green.

We also created a beautiful fall porch decor using lots of colors, textures and materials that we found at our last home, a place that we rented in Austin, Texas. It was a small place and it didn’t really suit our needs or expectations so we decided to make all our stuff work for this and to use colors that matched the rest of the house. Some of the items that we used here were real and some were faux and they are scattered around the porch.