We love the fresh appeal of green marble interiors and we also love the natural charm of grey granite or stone. You can choose from a variety of different types of marble, including slabs and tiles. Thin marble tiles may come in elegant marbled colors. They can be used in vertical rows or can be used to create elegant displays. You can also use them to create all sorts of artsy designs such as a geometric design, an abstract pattern or puffy design.

Here are a few more examples of kitchen counters that feature green marble interiors. You can see how easy it is to match the countertops to the backsplash or the walls. If not, you can choose to purchase split level countertops and match them to the walls.

Reindeer Ornaments Craft From Thin Marble Tiles Photo 2

These green marble interiors are very beautiful and they’re also a great source of inspiration if you ever decide to become inspired. The combination of green and grey gives the kitchen a balanced and harmonious look, not to mention that the colors look great against the white backdrop.

Reindeer Ornaments Craft From Thin Marble Tiles Photo 3

Marble floors are known to look elegant and timeless and horizontal lines usually prove that. You can expect marble to have a glossy finish and to have a matt color, in which case the design would become more dynamic, especially in the kitchen where the décor would get more fresh and vibrant.

Marble kitchen counters are a very good choice from almost any point of view. In this case, the countertops match the lower ceiling and the cabinetry definitely makes a difference. Also, the overall design is simple but also natural and warm thanks to the material used.

I love how fresh this kitchen looks. The fact that the marble countertops are the only ones that are visible is a very important detail. The kitchen lacks any unnecessary details or decorative features. Its décor is almost entirely white and this gives it a very clean and bright look. The only colorful details are the golden leaves that give it a beautiful vintage touch.

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