The front entrance is the first thing people see before they enter an exterior home, the element that brings back memories or feelings and helps them make an impression. It’s why we have all sorts of photos and souvenirs, which we all cherish and use some the items that remind us of the good times. So why not make your front door look like a beautiful landscape? Forget about all the frills and borders, modern front entrances are simple and neat.

Alpine front doors.

If you’re living in an alpine home then you have a front door facing the sea or the mountains where you can easily go from building a ski chalet to hunting for mountain bikes. Of course, this kind of décor is a little more fancy than the typical ones, this time with curved lines and glass panels.

Front door in a rural landscape.

Also, if you have a house that’s far from the coastal area, then you probably don’t want to stay inside. The landscape is probably the best front door you can design. So why not choose something wonderful like a garden door or a front entrance ditch?

Front door in a line of architecture.

Of course, your front door has to match the style of the house you’re living in. In the case of a more traditional home, it could have a series of lines or a closely connected front entry.{found on corniceandborder}.

Traditional front entry.

Very often, the front door is also the entrance to the kitchen or the dining area. It’s the door that connects the kitchen to the front door and the two communicate directly. This one is also the door that marks the hallway from the bedroom.

Wire front door.

This type of front door features the wires used to attach the shutters. It can be an option for secure lockers or for an artistic look that also means the room is separated from the rest of the house.

Minimalist front entry.

Usually, the front door is a simple wardrobe module with glass panels. It’s an element that rarely features color and details and which is mostly utilitarian.{found on umichandlock}.

Artistic front entry.

This type of front entry is a term used to describe a more ornate or extravagant front entry. It’s not as simple as a simple front door. This type is made up of a series of spaces all connected and has dramatic effects.