Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Glass Shower Ideas By Villeroy & Boch

Shower designs are usually not very complex. It’s why glass is such a good option for shower designs. It creates a strong connection between the shower tank and the rest of the design and this way it doesn’t interfere with […]

Contemporary Wall Units By Skiles

Today we’re going to take a look at the Skiles Modular wall unit. It’s a stylish and very elegant unit that was designed by Andreas Karson and Vlara Bergquist. The combination of wood and metal gives the unit a balanced […]

Cabinet Under Stairs By Decombaret

This apartment under the stairs of a building in Paris was designed by Janine Chavanel of Decombaret. The space, where is an entrance and the only other pieces of furniture are the clothes rack and the table, proves well the […]

Round Window Frame From Emma

Anything that is particularly useful for your home must be given special consideration so that you can make the most of it and less of it. For example you need a nice window frame that is both functional and designer. […]

Barnwood Ideas For Your Winter Home

Not a lot of people love the winter season because it starts early and it ends early, too. But everybody likes to enjoy the beautiful periods of the year when they can go camping and enjoy some snow and also […]

Entry Foyers Remodeled By Semerene Architecture

The Foyers is a furniture store located in Curitiba, Brazil. Started by architect Alexia Semerena from Semerene Architecture in 2003, the company focuses on modern furniture design. The foyer is a transitional area and it’s basically an empty room or […]