It’s not Christmas yet! But let’s make sure everyone is feeling ready because Christmas is just crazy for a part of the year. And it’s about time we started thinking about all the creative ways in which you can decorate your home and not just the front door and the dining room. DIY projects are really popular and we have some ideas that might look good in that regard. Maybe you’d like to try some this year.

1. Painted glass Christmas Tree.

Obviously, you should have a Christmas tree in your house but where do you keep it when it’s not all winter? Well, you could just put it in a glass jar. Decorate its base with some rope made from old threes or branches. Then add a few pictures and maybe a few star ornaments.

Diy Winter Decorating Ideas For Your Home Photo 3

2. Hanging jar of Christmas tree.

Jars are great for storage. All you need is space so you can organize your items more efficiently and to save some space in the house. To make a hanging jar like this one you need a jar, some twine and small decorations or accessories.

3. Holiday spools.

You can never have too many spools for your front porch or garden. It’s impossible to keep up with the situation and you probably don’t have the resources for a big tree. So use them as mini decorations for the entrance, porch, etc. You can use green burlap or something similar.

4. Cozy round bed.

One of the easiest things to do is to transform a round bed into a cozy bed. It will be a great place to spend the winter holidays and evenings during summer.

5. Draping curtains for the windows.

If you surround the bed with wide dark curtains and if you want to preserve the cozy and elegant look then you should consider painting the windows a pastel shade of blue or red. It’s a way of bringing the autumn outdoors inside your home.

6. Use pull-out storage.

Nothing is worse than having lots of clothes that you just don’t know what to put in the drawers or on the shelves and nowhere to put them. Pull-out storage is already a great solution.

7. Decorate the coffee table.

There are lots of things that need to be stored in the house. We’re not talking about the papers, magazines, the remote control, kitchen utensils or the vacuum cleaner but the smaller items.

8. Use pull-put baskets.

It’s important to know that everyone has at least one pull-put basket in their home. They usually use it to store small things such as spices, flour, baking supplies, kitchen utensils and etc.

9. Decorate your balcony.

Shape your balcony into a retreat for the winter. Use pull-put baskets to store all the small things you usually use in the kitchen such as sponges, gloves, scarves and you can also use them as a glove storage.

10. Use them as bookshelves.

All the things you store in the drawers, on the shelves and cabinets in your home, don’t necessarily need to necessarily be there. So use the shelves to display your favorite books.