For those who spend a lot of time in the living room, as it is at home, it seems right to purchase a sofa that can accommodate a large number of people. For this reason, manufacturers have invented smaller sofa for small spaces or for those who entertain a lot of people. The sofa becomes a very important piece of furniture because the space it occupies is often limited and it allows you to enjoy comfortable seating.

Designers from Lydia Quiconuur created this beautiful “Pouf” collection to enhance the comfort of those who love the sofa for its cozy aspect and also for its special sobriety.In this collection you can´t find an armchair that looks comfortable, but at the same time hides its fragility and this is the main quality of its design.As the name suggests, the pieces from this collection are crafted from recycled materials that are meant to be used by the house. The idea behind their design was to create furniture that was durable and to be easy to maintain.

Pouf Coffee Table By Lydia Quiconuur Photo 2

Although the design is somewhat old-fashioned, the materials used and the techniques used to create them are pretty much the same. The goal was to create pieces that look comfortable to use and that are also beautiful-looking. Because the sofa has a beautiful scarabale-like covering with a deer head, the deer head is the focus of the entire collection and it’s the one that probably inspired the name of the collection.