Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Bridge Over Pond By Eliri & Nash Architects

This bridge over pond was designed by Eliri & Nash Architects. It is located in Warwick, Australia, and was designed in 2010. Bridge over pond by Eliri & Nash Architects: “An existing terrace in hardwood timber, which was stripped of […]

Edge Coffee Table By EventStudio

An interesting drawing is always something special, something unique that nobody else can replicate. It’s why we find this unusual and eye-catching edge coffee table by EventStudio so interesting. The table has a flat surface and this allows it to […]

Killing Ants

On a hot summer day many of us are very happy members of our family. We enjoy the nice weather, the beautiful sun, the relaxing caresses and the organized neat yard. But sometimes it may be the fact that this […]

Rustic Basement Bar With Waterfall

Finding the perfect place to raise a drink is not easy, no matter the size of the terrace or apartment. But if you know exactly what you want, you can actually make that happen, like in the case of this […]

Household Ant Killer By OYO

This murder-friendly home is a 2012 project by OYO that is located in Ycheon, South Korea. It is a fitting home to an abandoned farm that was originally constructed in the mid-60’s. Householder by OYO: “The site is a low-leveled […]

Koi Pond Idea By Blades Of Grass

It’s always nice to cross the boundaries of your own country and to visit many places that you like and have a good time with friends and family, where you feel like you’re getting the best of both worlds. So […]

Homemade Fish Pond In A Tree

If you live in an area where you have the freedom to have a big garden and you can afford doing such a thing, then you certainly have some freedom and creativity. Those who choose to do something themselves can […]

Black Striped Rug

Rugs are beautiful accessories that can add a spark to your décor. They are also great to have around as they are both functional and stylish. A black and white striped rug would look beautiful in any room of the […]