This bridge over pond was designed by Eliri & Nash Architects.

It is located in Warwick, Australia, and was designed in 2010.

Bridge Over Pond By Eliri & Nash Architects Photo 2

Bridge over pond by Eliri & Nash Architects:

“An existing terrace in hardwood timber, which was stripped of its supporting columns and left open to the adjacent stream. The result achieved a floating stone base on which a wide structural glass window defines the view.

An existing raised garden court landscape was retained, and restored to its original state.

The remaining features, such as courtyards, a swimming pool and a garage, were added and used to create internal continuity, as well as to provide additional insulation and waterproofing.

The roof form of the existing house was reinforced, the internal walls strengthened, and the street walls strengthened, in homage to the original Victorian buildings of the area.”

Photos by: Peter Bennetts