The Diagonal Side Table is one of the most flexible and multifunctional pieces ever invented. It’s a part of the diagram of the Diagonal Cabinet and it’s a very elegant furniture piece that would look great just about anywhere. The Diagonal Side Table was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poliform.

The interesting thing about this furniture piece is the fact that it’s very simple at its core but it also has a touch of humor and goes through unexpected forms. The Diagonal Side Table would make a great addition to a chic living room but may be best suited for a casual dining area. The table is made of oak with ebony or wenge stain and it comes in two sizes.

The grain of the wood is visible in the finished product and it’s also an element that makes the table even more unique. The Diagonal Side Table is a «-coated steel» and it’s one of those items that could look very interesting in a different interior than it does in your home. It has a double function and it can be used as a very elegant side table or accent piece. The great thing about it is that you can use it both as a functional piece and as a decoration.

Diy Side Table By Jean-Marie Massaud Photo 3

The top of the table is divided into three parallel surfaces (the three faces) which serve as serve to separate the table from its surroundings. It’s a quite innovative and eye-catching piece of furniture and it would make an interesting focal point. The Diagonal Side Table was designed for Poliform.

Diy Side Table By Jean-Marie Massaud Photo 4