This utility bench is called simply Laundry. It can be very useful as a storage space as it can be used to store a large load of laundry or assorted accessories. It’s also great for storing all sorts of small items you usually just want to have near the sink, behind the cabinet or on the hallway. You can even use one as a side table. The only disadvantage is that it might not be as practical as other more functional options.

The piece you see here is a special chest entitled Laundry. It’s a simple industrial steel platform that can be used as a storage space for large items usually used in hauling. Furthermore, it features a bench that sits on top of two steel beams. It’s designed by Swiss studio Wesenhelm and it makes it easy to carry around.

Another very useful piece of furniture is the L-Curve. It’s part of a collection designed by Dinar Saban and it has a simple and elegant design. The collection includes several other similar elements including sofas, tables, chairs and storage cabinets and they all feature similar designs. They all have frames made of solid wood that can be very lucrative individually.

Laundry Shelf With Bench By Wesenhelm Photo 3