On any bedroom, considered the living room, the main idea is not to have as many furniture pieces as possible, because you’ll need them to adjust to the position of the body. Also, the position of the bed is important: you need a good bed to sleep on for at least a few hours, and even for a few mornings. But arranging the furniture in a bedroom seems a little bit difficult. Most of all, it needs to be practical.

For example, the bed looks uncomfortable placed in the corner, and it almost looks painful. But that’s not a necessary one. For example, this beautiful botanical bedroom designed by AVANG Arquitectos, reveals that comfortable furniture is just as important as the look of the bedroom.

Themed Bedrooms With High Ceilings Photo 2

The bedroom is not characterized by a high ceiling in the case of conventional design. In fact, because of it, the bed is placed in the middle of the room, and this solves two problems. First of all, there’s a low ceiling, and this solves the problem, reduces the amount of floor space, and also provides a wonderful play area for the kids.

Themed Bedrooms With High Ceilings Photo 3

The second problem is related to the colorful furniture displayed all over the place, starting from the bed and finishing on the dresser in the desk. The rest of the furniture is white and minimalist, elegant and well-edited. The only colorful item is that casual white dh Fiton chair. The rest of the room gets more monotonous design.{found on micasarevista}

Themed Bedrooms With High Ceilings Photo 4