The Berger Chair is a three-seater sandshits, with a very brief look. It is suitable for outdoor use, as well for indoor spaces, made of water resistant and easily recyclable.The chair was designed by the Binistowski family. The chair has a very simple but also refined look. It’s made of bent plywood and it’s relatively big but that’s not important at all. In fact, the chairs are easy to store when not needed. This makes them very handy.The chairs have a very gentle rocking motion. The rocking movement is very faint but comfortable.

The rocking movement can be easily intensified by the small leg rest and the blue paddle accessory. The chair also has a natural look, with the deep toe up against the padded surface. The base of the chair is made of untreated solid wood. It’s strong and durable but it can also be easily cleaned.

Even though it seems like the whole chair is made of just one piece of wood, the chair itself is actually made of several different elements that ideally meet together to form a whole. The material of the chair is also varied. The structure is made of several different elements and they have interwoven and came together to form a whole that looks as if it’s made of several small pieces of wood. The overall dimensions of the chair are 28? w | 27.5? d | 30? h | seat height: 16.5? h. You can buy this beautiful chair at the price of $661.00.

Recycled Chairs From The Berger Family Photo 3