I am not a big fan of squirrels or other small animals , but when I saw this unusual Reindeer Hooks I had a pretty good idea I will definitely try to find some other smaller items to use for a similar purpose. Usually people use the scare-cave for getting nuts and other kinds of nuts from the nuts they consumed. Well, this is a different way of using the hooks and it is made of wood. These hooks have a wooden stick as a support – an almost perfectly circle that is actually made of even smaller wood pieces that are after that painted and lacquered so as to look like reindeer skulls.

The hooks are not actually made of wood, but only manufactured with lacquered wood and they are white with a grey frosted finish. They are actually a bit translucent in colour , so they can be perfectly safe to use when hung on the wall or even other securely enclosed objects. When you stick them to an electrical outlet they will be able to be reached remotely. These hooks can be purchased for a price between $90 and $100.