Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Barnwood Ideas For Your Winter Home

Not a lot of people love the winter season because it starts early and it ends early, too. But everybody likes to enjoy the beautiful periods of the year when they can go camping and enjoy some snow and also […]

Reclaimed Wood Crafts – DIY Wall Art

Lots of people are using reclaimed wood in their home projects. This means that they are exploiting natural pieces of wood that come from old barns or other buildings.In such cases there are many art types used with these materials, […]

Dishes Hutch Design By A1 Architects

The Danish firm A1 Architects has designed the Dish House and they have come up with a creative idea for a living room in Sweden. If you see this house look familiar, because it has a common theme and structure […]

Diy Hexagon Shelves By Iru Kruopeau

Irina Kruopeau is a photographer and designer who wanted to create some shelves in her studio for display of her photographic works of art, which are a way off-the-wall style projects. The artist decided to use aluminium shutter boxes for […]