The Danish firm A1 Architects has designed the Dish House and they have come up with a creative idea for a living room in Sweden. If you see this house look familiar, because it has a common theme and structure from another European home (but with differences), because it has been refurbished, A1 Architects made a modern fit-out, separating the living room and the kitchen area , so that the former kitchen becomes a part of the living — as well as a room destined to the dining room. In the first place, this simplifies the living space to the living room, whose ample open space, pleasant lighting and view complements the right piece of furniture.

A1 Architects have created a livable and comfortable place called “home from home” .Dishes hutch is an isolated house near Bordeaux with a small garden, accessed from the kitchen and dining hall. This is because the owner already had a house in the outskirts of Bordeaux, and wanted an alternative working ground that could handle all the necessary activities.

The choice of wood and concrete, materials that will be used in the succeeding years, leads us to a project that seems to float, because of the way it closes all the curtains of access and protection, changing the spatial perception thanks to the breeze.

Dishes Hutch Design By A1 Architects Photo 3

The living area of this Simplicity project is accessed from the kitchen and dining hall by the pool area. In order to ease of the work space, the project demands a sort of exterior “collar” to be inserted to protect the house against solar aggravation and heat.

Dishes Hutch Design By A1 Architects Photo 4

The collar is made of metal sheet, heated and framed by a monolithic wall framework. But because it is elevated the openings are more “invisible”, and create a visual game with the surrounding environment.

The project is characterized by two essential parts: on one hand, the raised level floor, whose job is that of providing comfort to the furniture and dispense with their activities, and on the other hand, to protect the structure from the sun and its intensified harassment.

Both parts have an ample terrace south facing the pool, as well as a proper working space; a place studied table with bad view due to its perimeter wall, whose improved level reflects the breeze to be expected.

From the study table another surface is derived, which can be used to mount a computer desk, which, alongside the real fireplace, looks more like a living room, thanks to its large white frame.

The kitchen floor is covered with the same cement of the lower floor, but on the other hand has a different surface, this time due to its orientation, to be preferred as a gym area.

In the upper floor there is a room dedicated to majority of the householder’s activities, as well as a bathroom and a small room that can be used both as a guest room or a children’s room. Moreover, there is a room overlooking the garden from the upper floor.

The rooms are limited, and to economize, they open only onto the beds. Thus, the center of the house has several private rooms held in mind as bedroom, while the others are perceived by the others as an open space or living room.

In the exterior view, we can see the concrete slabs reflected in the dark of the concrete, making the house stand out from the street.