Artist Michael P. Johnson has created the Diemer Room, a funky structure composed of hanging structures over living spaces.

The room looks like an excavated earth pit, lined with brick walls and completely unique in style.

This unusual house is part of Magnus Pettersen’s “In The Pump” series, which tells the story of an archaeological excavation of a burial site.

Diy Haunted House By Michael P. Johnson Photo 3

It is located in the Warsaw Film District in Poland.

Diemer Room by Michael P. Johnson:

“In the crowded cities the odd, the grotesque appear as something new, and as something familiar and comfortable, the opposite is more in contact with the past. In the Diemer Room, the concrete panels of wood and glass seem to search out the historical past of the building.

The program of the Diemer Room is to house a couple and their guests. The room is situated in the heart of the building, opening up to the roof terrace, the one-time barred patio, and the barbeque area.

When will the newly-built rooms be finally completed? This question is the sole probative of the Diemer Room and its construction.

The Diemer Room is formed of a lobby, a small library, the kitchen, and a washroom. It is the front room of the house, the space where usually to be seen drunk. The kitchen, the dining room, and the small dining area are independent from this room, and they are also without doors.

The dining area was previously closed by a closure that would have represented a barrier against the outside, and it was turned into a pleasant outdoor dining area.

The windows are blind, but they are covered with a new structure, made of black metal and wooden mesh. Over this new structure will be built an eccentric and playful roof terrace, wanting to be the main attraction of the building as people go outside on the roof.”

Photos by: Krystian Konstantin