Architecture Ideas Worth Sharing

Cool Paint Designs To Try Out This Year

You’re probably getting ready to decorate your home with some cool paint colors this year. The deadline is always close and we all need to get organized but it’s not always fun. Let’s see how we can make the whole […]

Scary Pumpkins Drawings By A+Z Design

These funny pumpkins are designed by A+Z Design and are drawings inspired by the witch and her hen. For the lovely image representing the witch I must make you an example of my own personal life. Let’s take a look […]

Diy Haunted House By Michael P. Johnson

Artist Michael P. Johnson has created the Diemer Room, a funky structure composed of hanging structures over living spaces. The room looks like an excavated earth pit, lined with brick walls and completely unique in style. This unusual house is […]

Painted Pumpkin Pictures

I am a very good friend of Angela Adams, the founder of Adams Design, and we were lucky enough to meet a few time again to talk about her business, Pasquita Distuff. We both wanted to tell you something specific […]

Thanksgiving Outdoor Decorations

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. And that means it’s time to decorate your home, whether you already have or not a nice centerpiece in the house.I’m always on the look out for nice outdoor decorations to decorate the outside […]

Garden Art – DIY Mummies

Go ahead. Go outside, and get ready for a spooky time. Create some creepy garden art! Or scare with some open-minded kids’ art you’ve got around the house. The best part of this project is that it’s a budget-friendly project, […]

Paint A Pumpkin Apom Tiered Design

This is a cute little pumpkin decorating idea. It’s a design that you can probably create by yourself. Here’s what you’ll need: a broom, a cup, some paint, a brush, a pencil and twine. If you don’t have a witch […]